Hudson Wellness Center

Services Offered

Nutritional Counseling:
Using the Zyto Machine, Dr. Jaime provides biofeedback. Dr. Jaime especially focuses on providing supplements to create a healthy lifestyle. This service can be done remotely by mailing the Zyto machine and having an appointment over the phone. For more information on the Zyto machine, visit

Balance/Energy Work:
Dr. Jaime uses healing hands to provide energy healing.

Chiropractic Services:
Dr. Jaime offers a specialized technique called NUCCA for chiropractic care.

  What is NUCCA?
NUCCA is a sophisticated procedure that specializes in spinal correction without surgery. It expands on the theory of upper cervical chiropractic and works to reduce the number of treatments for patients. This procedure makes corrections only from the atlas or top of the spine. It can be best described in an analogy of a flexible green stick. If you were to bend the stick, where would you put stress? The stress would be on the ends, and would bend in the middle. This is much like the spine. Instead of treating the pain in the middle of the spine, the NUCCA system corrects the cause of the pain where the pressure is created, at the top of the spine. This procedure involves x-rays before and after the initial correction, showing immediate improvements. A 15 minute rest following the correction ensures maximum recovery.

How We Differ From Traditional Chiropractic

  • Corrections are made only from the top bone of the spine, the atlas, which re-aligns the whole spine.
  • The patient does not experience any twisting or turning of the head, neck or back.
  • Patients only feel a slight pressure below the tip of the ear during the adjustment.
  • Post adjustment x-rays ensure the accuracy of the correction.
  • A 15 minute rest after the adjustment encourages the spine to stabilize in its new (corrected) position.

For more information or to watch a video of an adjustment visit





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